Monday, March 26, 2007

second try..

This is my second try at the notebook and pencil holder, this time using another tutorial.

This one is a bit easier and looked nicer at the end, but still I didn't like the quality of my sewing, I blame it on the sewing machine, the poor thing is old (it's my mom's) and I over did it with it sewing a lot of things. So it didn't turn out as perfect as I like it to be so there may be a third time.

Yesterday I went to Dammam with my aunt to the wholesale market, it was very nice , filled with lots and lots of cute and useful things. I got a box filled with pony tail hair rubber thingies ( I don't know what they are called) and these beauties..

They can be used as pins or to hold the hair. I loved the colors so much and might use them on my bags (that I stopped sewing for some reason) well I could've get more things but we were in a hurry and to get anything I'd have to at least get a dozen of it, what would I do with them all? Maybe I'll go there again to the stationary or fabric section to get me some good bargains.


wardoalwan said...

حلوة الورود الوانها ناعمه بعدين حكيني اش شفتوا في السوق

Jhoanna said...

Hi! I was really happy to see that you tried my little tutorial and that it all worked out for you :-) Yours looks wonderful!