Saturday, March 24, 2007

I guess I'm back to normal

Depending of course on your definition of normal. After sleeping at 5 in the morning and waking up at 11 30 I felt a lot better 7amdillah, I had some needed quiet time by myself, and I mean quiet, no people, no music or tv no nothing, not even strong light, only me and my thoughts in my room. Well at first I didn't feel a difference but then when i woke up I felt much better and even felt the need to do something crafty. So I went to this tutorial and made this..

I still need a lot of practice to make it close to perfect, it turned out a little small for a coloring book to fit in there, plus a little not straight rectangle and I had my ribbon upside down!

But my kiddo is happy with it and playing school right now. So maybe the next one ( if there will be next one) will look better, maybe if I made the pocket bigger somehow, at least now I know the general idea.

And about my diet? I'm still on it even though last night I decided a million times that I had enough. It's not easy having to diet so say thanks to Allah all of you out there who can't put on weight no matter what you do, we are dieing here to lose some! 7amdillah anyway.
So this is my second time to post twice in one day, it seems nice to find a place to put my emotions in .. that's why I blog.. That and to share with you whatever stuff I'm in the mood to make. And to maybe have the chance to meet some new nice talented people all over the world. It's nice to have internet.. 7amdillah.


Redrose said...

Glad you slept it out...yes sleep is a blessing alhamdulillah.

Nice thingy you've made there...well keep on the good work u know I'm shopping for good stuff suitable for presents :)

wardoalwan said...

حلللللللوة ماشالله الشنطة تسلم يدك والوانها كمان حلوة وكمان الموقع الي جبتي منه حلوة اشياؤا..لالا تهبط همتك في الرجيم يالله كمليه وكملي الجدول وحطي لنفسك مكافأة مدري اش هي ههههه