Sunday, March 25, 2007

buttons..buttons.. buttons..

I have a lot of them.. I love them and it's only recently that I started collecting them. Whenever I am in a place that sell bags of different styles button I buy some. I still don't know what to do with them, I used some in scrap booking, and some in my bags or the flower pins I put on them, but I still have many ( I actually like it when I see a lot of anything around me) and I need to look for a project to use them.

So the last bag I got from Jareer (they were two small bags) and I found these in there that I liked the most..

So any idea anyone what can I do with them other than use them for decoration? I found some cool ornaments and picture frames made using buttons, but the ones I got are very different from each other. Well I'm sure I will find some use to them , meanwhile I truly enjoy looking at them (do you see a pattern here? I like collecting different styles, shapes and colors of crafty things.. hmm I really need that crafts shop)

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