Monday, March 19, 2007

Not another doggy..

But another thing that I don't need to do right now..! Well I tried doing the things I need to do , and actually I did some of them, but I still find it hard to craft, that's why when I had a feeling that I needed doing this felt project I was more than happy to do it.

Can you tell by looking at that picture what it is I'm working on? ok so I'm not telling now until it's all finished and I have a nice picture of it.
And speaking of colors (did anyone say color in the first place? I must be hearing voices in my head!) I would like to share with you one of my pleasures to look at.

What do you think of that? well once upon a time long long ago, I don't know maybe 15 years or so? My mom and I used to cross stitch a lot, I kept going on even after she stopped. Then eventually I slowed down too but after I took from her this treasure, at that time she bought a bag bag filled with one of every color of embroidery floss DMC had to offer and wow, it looked great. Of course for a long time it was all tangled up together and a pain to work with , until I got the plastic containers and sorted them in there..

Aren't they a pleasure to look at? well I just hope I can get back to working with them like I used to do, more often. I might even try embroidery one day, it looks nice.

By the way, did I mention that I hate the net? we are supposed to have DSL and it seems like a snaily dial up! I hate that it took me three days to try to post something new!

Mother's day is on Wednesday, I still have to do something with mom's gift. yesterday mom took us shopping for mother's day gift to my grandmother, and secretly (not very secretly I can hear everything they were saying) helped my daughter buy me a gift, it was the kids selection a pink necklace with a big heart and a big pink ring. I loved them so much (of course she couldn't wait until Wednesday to give it to me) and it felt nice to have a gift from my little -looks like a grown up-girl. Well until Wednesday happy mother's day to all moms and moms to be.

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wardoalwan said...

i dont uder stand the first pictur but the colurs is nice also your way of Collating(بدي أكتب ترتيب وما عرفت حطيت المترجم وطلعلي دي الكلمة)
بالنسبة لترتيب الخيوط مرة فكرة حلوة وحتى العلبه رهيبه مين فين جبتيها؟
وكل سنة وامك طيبة اتزكرت في فكرة هدية
هدية لها(فييييييري