Tuesday, March 13, 2007

more pink (second time.. bad blogger!)

well as I was saying, ( and blogspot wouldn't show my pictures for some reason!) life is pink!! well I was in a better mood in the morning when I wrote the post, but I will try rewriting it.

In a fantasy world of pink, let me take you into a tour of my surrounding.. First this is where I live..

And this is my car..

In my house I have this in the kitchen..

And this...

And in the craft room I use this...

To make my lovely pink stuff.
And when I feel tired I love to watch something on this...

AAhhh what a life..
So why don't you give me a call?

and maybe we will go on a ride somewhere in the land of rosy pink dreams..

Actually any of the above things would make a nice birthday present ;)

1 comment:

real madrid said...

ha ha ha !!.. lovely world of pinkyness!!!(becarful not to get a pink -eye too!! yuck!!)....where did u find a pink stove any way?..