Friday, March 30, 2007

Now and then..

I grew up with my mother in my grandparents house, and sometimes with us sometimes next to us were my uncle and cousins, we grew up together playing, fighting and experimenting with toys and food. Those were the days we had lots of fun just trying to have sliced cheese out of the fridge without the grown up knowing (of course they did) .

These days me and two of cousins,(the older two) are married with children, and we still gather together and the kids play, it's like history is repeating itself. I have a girl, my male cousin and his lovely wife have two boys mashallah, and my female cousin has a girl and a new comer soon inshallah. But still when the eldest three are together it's like us ( the eldest three also) back then.

So I'll leave you with some pictures of us back then..

And them right now...

Can you tell which kid is for which parent-who-was-a-kid ?
The answer is in the next issue of the magazine..
There is a prize for people other than family members..

By the way how do you like my rosy background? I know nothing about HTML and I had to spend near an hour trying and re trying till I got it right, I'm so happy with the way the blog looks now mashallah.


Redrose said...

Oh!! You really got it right...where did u find that old picture??so similar...of course I can't guess since I'm their granny,right??

Redrose said...

Oh I forgot to say the background is beautiful.