Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Ta daaaa....

Remember the picture from my last post? (how can you forget it when you still can see it?)
well there it is, it's a baby booty that I got it's pattern from this blog. And no I'm not expecting a baby but I know a few ladies who are ;)

Anyway I wanted to post this earlier but I was busy, so now it's Wednesday.. Happy mother's day I love you mom, it isn't easy being a mom and it's even much harder being a mom like you.. You are the best (it's a shame mom doesn't read my blog, she doesn't have internet)

So my lovely husband surprised me with the best thing ever, he ordered a book I was looking for from amazon and it came to me gift wrapped with lovely green paper and matching ribbon, and a card which he chose it's words.. I love surprises and this one was great, made me happy. Thanx sweety (my husband doesn't come here either, who does you ask? well you do :) )

By the way my cousin was wondering about those plastic thread organizers , well they are from Zamil where else? It's still the best crafts store here.

So another weekend is here and like every week, I wish you have a good time.


Redrose said...

Wow mashalla its beautiful!!I hope you made one for Louji.

When I saw the other picture (before you had it assembled)i thought to myself is she making a teepee or what??
Cool,make some for Hala while you're at it.

Nice thing your hubby did,real nice :)

So don't worry if your mom and husband don't read the I did!!

wardoalwan said...

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