Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Small dog.. or is it?

Question, what do you do when you are so bored you can kick yourself , and you have billions of things around the house that needed to be done now? simple, you make small over stuffed dog toy.
I thought the answer was obvious.!

Well I used this pattern
And ended up with this..

My daughter was wondering while I was working.." wow mom this is great, is it a horse or a donkey?" well that shows how good my work is.
I have no idea what to do with it, since my girl doesn't play with soft toys for some reason, but I had to try doing one. I used two fabrics,

maybe that contributed to the strange look of the doggy, plus I stuffed it so bad it started exploding in some places I had to sew it again. But it was hard sewing this small thing, I now have more respect to everyone who works on small toys, it is hard and need patience.

Well I will try this weekend to do some of the billion and one things I have to do, oh and by the way the diet is working out well 7amdillah, I keep stopping myself every night from eating anything that comes my way but otherwise it is good.

So I need to watch a good movie, I want to go to the movies but nothing worth watching right now, plus we have tons of new movies in our computer to watch anyway. But nothing beats the movies.. Anyway we'll see.

So have a nice weekend.

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Margot said...

Cute little dog -- I love Jenny's little things over at AllSorts.