Sunday, March 04, 2007

I love fabric

Did I mention that before? ( I guess I did million times hehehe) I feel that I don't have much of it, at least not enough to satisfy my love, but the other day my aunt gave me money to buy my gift of fabrics of my choice, I was so excited thinking of all the possible colors and patterns when mom just said " you should stop buying fabric until you finish some of what you already got, you have enough! "
Well I think mom didn't see the blogs I read daily, each one of these ladies have enough fabric to make my stash looks like a baby in a room filled with grown ups. But hey mom's got a point, just like 10 months ago the subject of this post would be ( I love patterned paper ) which by the way I still do! the point is I'm a collector, like my mom and grand mom before me, we fall in love with a craft and we have to have everything and anything that has to do with it, in all sorts of colors. Mom told me " you are not a shop" well that's one of the reasons I wish I had one ( a shop ) .
My dream shop would be one where I sell materials for many crafts ( which I would pick myself to satisfy the need for buying) and then have a mini course teaching these crafts inside the shop. maybe a coffee shop and a mini crafts library will look good.. Aaaahhhh dreams, I have tons of them.
Have I told you about the shop mom and I opened long time ago? I don't think so. Well it was the year of staying at home bored after a year of graduating from college. Mom knew ( and had the same dreams ) I always wanted a shop to sell my stuff. In those days my specialty was painting on wood and paper and small furnitures. So she did, we got the place, spent months decorating it and just when we wanted to start really working in it I got engaged, and then moved to Dhahran from Jeddah where the shop was. I kinda miss the shop, I think if we had it now instead of then I would've worked better in it, I was young and eager to get married and didn't pay much attention to the shop ( and sadly didn't have any picture of it!)
Anyway at least for a little while I had my dream, and I still feel like I'm going to have another one one day, maybe after the kids are all grown up ( yes I know I only have one now, but who knows maybe I will have another one day! ).
So keep dreaming.. I know I will never stop .
( wow that was a very long post!)

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