Saturday, March 17, 2007

What I woke up to today..

This is what greeted me in the morning from my crafts room window, what a sight.. Well I felt the cars before I saw them, they made a great sound and the whole house kind of moved under our feet. I think these cars are here to check on something under the ground, actually they are all over the city. well we had fun watching them moving and moving all around the area. (no they didn't start that early, I woke up late!)

So how was your weekend? mine was great 7amdillah, we went shopping on Wednesday with mom, on Thursday and Friday with my husband, ended up spending a lot of money but getting many nice things for us and the house. on Friday we went to the movies, there wasn't a very good film but we watched Smoking aces. not bad. But it felt weird again going in and out of the movies without having my nachos with cheese dip.. AAAHHH I miss the food. well I only have 18 days to go, I might make it more and stop just before my birthday so I can celebrate well. Who knows I might do it.

So still no crafts done, just working on my never ending blanket. Pictures soon inshallah.
ok so thats it for now I have a headache that I kept getting all the weekend. Strange.

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Anonymous said...

يالله باقيلك قليل وتخلصي الشهر قطعت شوطا طويلا لما تشوفي النتيجه حتشجعي على المزيد