Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Mini bags

Day one of my diet is over, it was harder than I remembered dieting would be, I don't know why every time I start dieting all I can do is sit in my place thinking of food, I want to eat this, I like this , I shouldn't be eating this, it's like everything in me just stop functioning and just concentrate on FOOD !. well I try to think of other things and do other things but it's hard when you are staying at home all day seeing no one and doing nothing.
Not entirely true, I finished a mini bag for my cousin's daughter, she asked for a bag that looked like one my daughter got as a gift from her grandma, well I tried copying it but it turned out weird looking, maybe the pleats were larger than the original. anyway sadly I'm not a person who would try doing things more than once, if it didn't work from the first time then it wasn't meant to be made by me. I don't believe in the saying " practice makes perfect" ( well I do but I get bored very fast and I'm lazy as you know I'd rather do something new)
Anyways if she doesn't like it my kid does, she's trying to put her hands on it since yesterday. Ofcourse needless to say the black and white one is the ready made bag.!

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