Tuesday, March 27, 2007

confessions of a shopaholic..

That's me.. who did you think it was?
Well I am a big shopaholic, and I am a bigger collectaholic when it comes to things I love, mainly craft goodies, and I think all the ladies in my family are like that too. When I start a craft, I have to have everything about that craft that I can put my hands on. Like I did with scrapbooking, I had to have all the papers (of course new ones keep coming every day) all the scissors, cutters, stamps, ribbons, brads, buttons and stickers I can get.Even now that I stopped scrap booking since I discovered sewing (and you know how much of things to use in sewing I already have) I can't resist buying stuff from my favorite scrapbooking shop in Bahrain, whenever I enter that shop I turn into a maniac and just start taking things out of the shelves, most of the times I return a lot of the things I took but I still end up with many things I don't need, but reason with myself that I do.

Well I know something I need and I got, thanx to my husband who got it for me as an early birthday gift after seeing my eyes sparkle and I almost started drooling over it! This is my new love

The picture is from the site , but mine is exactly the same, it's for storing and moving scrap booking supplies any where you are going so you can create every where. ofcourse I will be using the papers I got for making small cards to sell inshallah, and I will never say never to going back to scrapbook because I love it still. So it's no waste to get what I want, right?

Anyways I watched the movie 300 last night and I LOVED IT soo much.. I don't know why exactly but it was a great movie in my opinion and I enjoyed every minute in it, I even wanted to watch it again! (don't take my word for it, tastes differ from one person to the other and I seem to have a taste that is a bit different than most people I know)

So back to trying to do one of the million things I have to do, and the billion things I want to do.

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Redrose said...

Real nice bag...mabroooooooook!!