Sunday, April 01, 2007

Some new things

First of all I would like to share with you a new use for threads...

Invented by my little girl , they can be used as fake painted nails, just for fun or use as a way to scare smaller kids. She also uses them to fish standing on her chair, don't ask me what she fishes for, maybe some ideas to keep her entertained..! Sorry no picture taken.

The second new thing is my bag,

I just finished this one using the very informative tutorial found here, this is not my first bag this shape, but it's my first after a long time doing only the patchwork bags. I love the colors of this bag, but as usual I find it not perfectly finished to my satisfaction. Again I blame it on a lot of things like the sewing machine, and the type of interfacing used plus a little cross eyed way of cutting fabric not in a very straight way!
Well it's still a good one even after all the bad things I said about it!

Well I kind of like the fact that I did a bag once again after stopping for some time. The next time inshallah I will try to make it better.

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