Monday, April 09, 2007

ٍٍSome old friends..

Came to visit me this week... Right now they are sitting on my desk..

Waiting for me to start cutting, gluing, creating with them.. It's been a while since I last worked with my sizzix and my papers to make cards.. Now they are back for a while since I'm working on some tags for my aunty's gift shop that will open soon inshallah.

It feels so good to work with paper again, and yet I felt like a kid who doesn't know what to do with all these goodies when I first started. But I remembered again how good it was cutting paper and choosing colors.
Still I miss my fabrics I might do something that involves both!

Right now I need to get more ribbons, not that I don't have enough but I'm missing some colors and I need a smaller size. Well I have to go to Zamil now... (yippeee)


wardoalwan said...

ماشالله حلوة الكروت تسلم يدك
يافرحتك حتروحي الزامل خخخخخ

Redrose said...

wow...they are beautiful mashallah yislamu alayadi.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rosy...I'm Um Adnan, I met you at the baby shower. I check out your blog from time to time, I find it interesting! And Im kinda amazed youre saudi!!
Anyway, I saw the ripple blanket and thats why im commenting. When I was little my mother made one EXACTLY like it for me. I mean, EXACTLY. the ripples, the colors, if it wasnt in my room Id have thought you took it!
Would you be interested in making 2 for my baby boys? of course with a bit more boyish colors..(no pink, sorry!!). Please, PLEASE let me know if youre interested, and how much you charge. You can get my number through the baby shower lady..Im sorry id call you but I dont have yours. or email me at Please let me know!!! Thanks! Oh and happy birthday! Mine is in may, any suggestions what I can do?