Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A fairy tale

Yesterday we went out shopping for new things for my daughter's room. After months of thinking and rethinking about her room, I couldn't get myself to accept her choice of multi colored cute but babyish Hamtaro the hamster.. I know he's lovely, and cute and huggable, but he's just not girly or pink enough for me! That's why when she told me she wanted her room filled with disney princesses thing I couldn't go shopping soon enough!
What more can I ask for, all those lovely girls in their lovely dresses.. Just like the dress mom made for my girl and she wouldn't make a day pass without her playing and dancing in..

So Disney princesses here we come, I only got so far as to get her a lovely shelf/coat hanger and something for her bed.. ( she wanted a cute toddler bed with the princesses on it but we thought she will outgrow it very soon, beside we already have a twin bed in her room)

I spent last night assembling it with the help of my so eager girl, and here is the result..

Isn't this dreamy? I always wanted a canopy over my bed.. Hmm maybe I should get me one for my room!
She told me to pack her hamtaro bed sheet and comforter ( anyone cares for one?) and even said bye to them.. We have to get her new ones.

Well next step will be more accessories for the room, maybe some organizing units and a carpet and some framed pictures.. all princesses for my little princess..
And I can never forget paint.. probably three different colors for the walls and maybe a castle mural.. I have to do a better job after the first two rooms you know..!


Anonymous said...

lovly nice bed like dreams.
good luk whith painting.

Anonymous said...

i am malak

karamella said...


ممكن تعمليلي زيه؟؟