Wednesday, April 25, 2007

To explain myself..

About why we didn't enjoy ourselves much in the trip, it seems that you were wondering how can we not enjoy the scenery there, well we did, and the weather was great, not so cold and yet some rain fell in all days, and once it even hailed. Well aside from that it wasn't summer or the high season so most everything was closed or not working.. Even the hotel was a bit empty , the main attraction areas closed and no activities at that time.
So we only had malls and restaurants (which they have little good ones) and the outdoors which we are not really fond of staying at long times.

Beside that I had trouble breathing well all the time, and felt extra tired every time I did the littlest activity like walking or going up a few stairs. So it wasn't fun when you are out of breath all the time!
But we did have some good times 7amdillah, I loved the flowers and trees that were every where and the nice weather, and of course the hotel room and the famous room service for me!

My husband worked mostly till near 3 and we started going out at 4 driving around in the car enjoying the scenery ( of course if you ask me I would prefer the greenery of European mountains where everything is green and you won't see lots of rocks like in Abha)

So just to say I'm not really a mountain lady, I'm more of a sea one, and I love the oxygen !


Redrose said...

Beeeeeeeeeautiful photos,u reminded me of the days we spent there.
I am sorry that you weren't feeling well,looks like your BP isn't good with heights.

real madrid said...

you do seem to have problems with heights.. and your doughter looks so much like you in this photo.. I have a picture when you were about5, u look so much like her!!..