Thursday, April 19, 2007

Away on a business trip

For a few days inshallah starting early Friday we will be in Abha on a business trip ( my husband's business not mine..!)
We will be staying at a hotel , hopefully with some time for site seeing and shopping. I will try mostly to finish my blanket and have some quality time with my girl ( alone for so many hours in one small room!!)

There will be no internet so I will be having a blog vacation.. Will you miss me? I'm sure you will hehehe..

So see you inshallah when I get back with hopefully some good pictures and nice moments to share. Till then take care..

Oh yah and thanks for your wishes we had a nice anniversary day 7amdillah arguing about life and dreams and destiny after watching the movie " stranger than fiction" it's a good movie. watch it. but not on your anniversary..!


Bethany Jane Hissong said...

Your daughter is adorable! Hope you have a good trip too! We try to go along on my husband's business trips and the children and I explore new cities :)

Redrose said...

I wish u a nice trip,you're gonna see nice things it's a beautiful region,nice weather and beautiful scenery.