Saturday, April 14, 2007

I love taking pictures

And that includes pictures of anything that captures my attention. Some of the pictures I took made the people looking at it go either "wow that's very good " or " huh? what's that?" I like the pictures that doesn't include people posing, I prefer to take a picture of someone's back, or side or even feet or hands rather than have a smiling face. And I like choosing angles that shows only part of a thing. Like a window or a door or even the stones on a street.

Well I don't have many of the good pictures I took in my computer, maybe one day I will share some of them ( when I say good I mean I think of it as good ) .

For now I will share some I took in Bahrain this weekend which I like. This one is of the restaurant " Johny Carino's" which we had lunch in, I love the style of that building very much..

Some flowers on the road..

Some in the small round about in the way to the mall..

And this is my favorite.. We were in a bookstore looking for a novel when I turned I sow my daughter sitting on the floor flipping through a children's book she took, she looked so cute mashallah i had to take her picture..

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wardoalwan said...

تجنن ماشالله لوجي وهي قاعده الله يحميها انشا الله