Saturday, April 28, 2007

colors, or buttons..?

Which one of these is more tempting.. Why do I find myself always buying things I don't need just because they put it in groups of different colors? Why is it I can't resist anything that comes in more than one color? and why do I keep buying buttons when I don't really know what to do with them??
The answers to these questions will remain a mystery.. At least to me.

So my favorite scrap booking shop + money from mom as a gift for our anniversary + some time in our hands while waiting for another shop to get us something we ordered = disaster..!
Well not really a disaster, just a box of colorful buttons which are expensive and I don't need at all. But who can resist such a thing?

Anyway I knew that at least two of my relatives loves buttons too, so I decided to share with them some. And of course I have to have a nice package as that one my cousin gave me for the salts, so I used some spice jars I got looong time ago and never used, plus some of my embellishments I collected over the year.

i like the way they look and seriously thinking of putting all my buttons this way, they look yummy.

(the pictures are a little blurry, I'm using my mobile camera and it doesn't zoom)

So.. the real question is.. To be or not to be.. or to buy or not to buy is more like it.. I ned therapy.!

So next Friday inshallah I will be organizing a baby shower for my cousin, it will be the first one for me to plan and I have lots of ideas in my mind, and limited time and abilities to do them all, so i guess I'll try not to over stress myself and just have fun with it, and if you don't already know this about me, i really love throwing parties, specially themed ones.. So pictures will be expected inshallah next week.

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