Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I see babies..!

I've been very busy these last few days preparing and dreaming ideas for the coming baby shower, it seems that when it comes to planning a party I tend to start with a hundred things I want to do before it starts to come to a reasonable number.
I always want to do new things, new to me at least. And I love it when I come up with good prizes for the games that I love to include in my parties. And the best part is if someone thinks it's the best party she has ever been to. ( not the best but you know..)

Since we don't yet know is it going to be a boy or a girl, the theme will be all pinks and blues.. These two colors together is very joyful.. With all the baby stuff I'm getting it makes me missing babies more and more.

So I can't include pictures of what I've done so far, because I would like to surprise the participants of the shower, but I will show some of the decorations we (mom and I) made for the party celebrating my baby girl (three and a half years ago)

The tables center pieces..

The favors..

the chocolates for the hospital..

And last but not least my one hour old baby..

Wasn't she a cute one mashallah? she still is..

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Redrose said...

Wow,I couldn't help it I took a peek,oh !everything's gorgeous,
everything is!!You are a great party maker...mashallah even the smallest detail...you're gonna make somebody real happy and the kids'll love it!!