Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Digital scrapbooking

Well I only did a few pages with digital scrap booking, but ever discovering it I downloaded millions of free papers, embellishments and ribbons and anything else I find for free on the net. And used them to make cards, tags and even a sign for my laundry room.

And since I still don't have much (or anything) new to share I thought I'll show you two of my pages I did.
The first one is for our first bought baby..

His name was alnunu ( the baby) and we loved him dearly.. We took photos of him, we took him everywhere including the movies. And the best part was when we got fed up with him , we simply put him away some place where we can't see him.!

The second one is for our precious first born baby girl..

I love the way she has many faces in the same photo shoot, she likes posing to cameras since she was little. And in case you are asking, no we can't put her away when we are fed up with her ! but we love her so much we can try our best not to get fed up.

So I am nearly at my 100th post, and to celebrate that I will have a give away ( every one does so why not me! ) I will get you informed when we are there and I'll have to think of a prize to give..

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