Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I make things..

I love paper crafts, and especially card making, at one time in my life I wanted to do it as a way to earn money, and even my husband thought I should try and make a job out of it. And I tried, but I guess that thinking of the craft I make as a job takes the fun out of it for me, and you should know me by now, if there isn't any fun in it I can't do it.

Well in my not so short not so long life, I had many ideas of what I want to be in my life, one dream was always accompanying these ideas, I wanted to get married and have a family.(hah).

Once I wanted to be a jewelry designer, I spent all my time with a pencil and a notebook in my hands drawing things. I even had drawings on all my college books because I kept day dreaming during lectures and designing..!

After a short time I decided to become a writer.. I kept sitting on my computer all my spare time attempting to write a novel .. I did end up with four chapters and every one who read were very excited to see it end. it didn't and I soon was bored with this idea.

Then came photographing.. I just love this, I had this very great camera my uncle got me that I felt very professional using it, and it actually took the best pictures I've ever had. I even got a book to learn about good photos, but the thing I liked most was choosing non traditional things to photograph. Well I still like to take pictures but not as passionately as before.

( I took this picture in Italy)

I do crafts.. and everything that seems crafty to me I have to at least try once, sometimes I only try things once but after I research everything about that thing, and probably get any materials needed and available for me to get. And I always end up with tons of materials as if I'm living in a craft store ( oh that would be really nice )
I painted..

I mozaiced..

I crocheted and knitted, sewed, cross stiched, embroidered and rug hooked..

and many other things.. The real thing I wish to learn now is pottery and carpentry. And of course I will always love to learn any new craft that catches my attention, like wool felting, but I can't get that material , at least I don't know where to get it from other than the net.

So are you ready for my first give away? I will probably start it tomorrow, I only haven't yet think of what to give..

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