Tuesday, May 22, 2007


What vacation would be complete without shopping? Sometimes I think that I love shopping the most when I travel and not just to buy things, But just looking at different kind of shops, merchandise and window dressing.

Well most of my purchases usually are gifts, I like to get me a soft toy as a reminder, and something with the theme of the country. I went to a shop filled with my favorite tatty teddy and I went crazy wanting everything, but I got one that is holding a white with red hearts handkerchief from the spring festival market, I just couldn't resist the crying thing.

Then If I have money and time I would get something for me, usually clothes or accessories to remember my trip every time I wear them. This time I found a very cool accessories shop filled with colorful bags, belts and many small things, I just had to have these polka dot red everything..! The bag was from a different shop.

And maybe something for the house or my room. I got me some cool kitten cards that I hang on my crafts room wall, and some cupcakes magnets and tea towels that i might use as fabric for a bag or a pillow cover, don't know yet..

This trip I had my first visit to a second hand shops, I found one that looked really nice with a cute metal sign on it's door,

I went there just to have a quick look since we didn't have much time , and I was amazed by how clean and tidy and new everything looked like, maybe I thought second hand meant very old but it was ok, I wish I had more time to look through everything but it was a good experience.

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Redrose said...

Beautiful..really mashallah you did get some beautiful pictures and the souvenirs you bought are cute too.