Sunday, May 20, 2007

They lived there once..

And now it's only ruins, I like going to ruins and historical places, even though at school I hated the subject (history) But somehow I find it very good to walk through old castles and houses or even cities, seeing what's left of them and imagining the people walking and living there..

I kept imagining that maybe one day people would walk into what's left of our house many years later and think to themselves " what was it like to live there? " I know for sure that in their days they weren't imagining that one day all that would be left of their power , fortune and youth will only be some stones and bones..

Well anyway I will leave you with some pictures I took in Cyprus, a bit of what's left from the Romans and Greek empires..

The old castle in Limassol which is turned into a museum..

On our way To Trodos mountains ( I'm no good with remembering names! )

One of the great artistic mosaic floors in old houses...


Redrose said...

هم كانوا هنا وراحو ونحن كمان راح نصير ذكرى وراح يقولوا علينا إننا كنا في يوم من الأيام
Yep,they sure lived there once and are no more,and so will we one day be talked about as memory,but will it be a good memory???hmmmm...we gotta work on that :)

moonface1211 said...

تحسي بشي غريب لما تشوفي الناس القدام سووا حاجات عظيمة ولما تطالعي دحين في نفس المكان الي هم كانوا فيه وتلاقيه أطلال بس باقي فيها روح المكان مدري انا كده حسيت من الصور اكيد احساسك اقوى لأنك في قلب الحدث