Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The spring festival

In Limassol at the 13th of May, they were celebrating spring, I think it's an ancient thing since the Greeks, anyway they were supposed to have a flower exhibition and market, and also a parade.
We were very excited, mom because she loves flowers and everything flowery, and me because I wanted my girl to see a flower parade, she has this story book about a girl who take a part in a parade in her village, and every time I read her the book I feel that she doesn't really get it. So this was a great chance for her to see what her second favorite character did in that book.

So we went to where the market is set, and we got disappointed, it was very small and more like a market for plants and some flowers for people to plant in their homes. But still we had some nice times looking at plants, and buying some things, like my tatty teddy and this..

She wanted it badly because frankly who can resist their third favorite character in a larger than life size ( first favorites being Disney's princesses)? First we said no because it was very expensive, I mean we get this in our city for 10 riyals, they asked for 40! and hey we will be leaving the country in a few days and it's a balloon..! anyway she cried and cried then remembered she had some money we gave her earlier in her bag, suddenly she came down the stroller and gave me the money with tears in her eyes saying " mom I have money I want to buy Dora " Oh my god I felt so small.. she broke my heart, but it was a matter of principal, so we looked for another person selling balloons and asked for the price , it was 30 still expensive but less than the other one, plus it's very big so maybe it's a good prise. So we got her Dora which she kept hugging for about two hours before she forgot all about it! but still when we came home I took out the air from it and took it with me maybe I can use it as a decoration in her room!

We then waited for the parade in Burger king because it was one of the places with seats looking at the street where the parade will be

, when it started they kept throwing flowers at people and my daughter wasn't very excited, so I took her down to the streets beside the cars and kids passing with flowers and she got crazy, she kept jumping up and down non stop mashallah shouting in Arabic " give me flowers give me flowers " and since she looked so cute they did,

and after the parade was finished we gathered some more from the empty streets.. It was a very good day I felt happy seeing her happy.

And at the end of the day she was counting her trophies proudly, she had 48 flowers! I think this was a day to remember..


Anonymous said...

هههههه شكل لوجي يضحك وهي حاطة دورا قدام وجهها ههههه
يالله ان شالله انبسطت بتجميع الورود
ورد والوان

Redrose said...

real cute mashallah I can imagine her shouting in