Sunday, May 06, 2007

New old things..

New to you, old to me.. after the baby shower I find myself not in a creating mood.. I think I only need some time out. So I decided to share some of my old creations.

When I wasn't yet a mommy, I had plenty of time on my hand, but believe it or not I didn't use it wisely.. I remember I kept sleeping at dawn and waking up at 2 or 3 in the afternoon.. And spending all my day flipping through the tv channels watching nothing..!

Well and yet I still had more time than I do now to craft, it's always been my favorite pass time since I was a kid. And the best things I did at those days were things to decorate the home, or to give as gifts..

In my opinion the best thing I did was turning this..

into this...

we lived in a rental and major changes was out of the question..So I made everything to change the room, even the floor mats and the tissue box cover, and even the border on the tiled walls, using sticky plastic sheets cut to match the style of topiary. This was our first home together as married people, and it had some very nice memories.

I also made this room..

Look like this..

But it was a shame we didn't use it much , the house door was opening in that room, and there was a small window with no view, so I made me one..

I was inspired by a picture we took in Italy, but I'm not a good painter so it wasn't that good, at least it gave me the view I longed for.

So I enjoyed the walk with you through memory lane.. Hopefully I can come back to the present time with stuff to show.. Otherwise, in the memories we will stay.


Redrose said...

I have actually witnessed all that .This woman really has a magic touch,mashallah!!

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