Saturday, May 05, 2007

And now .. we present to you..

The baby showerrrrrr....
Well finally I can share with you the pictures of what was I doing the last week, we had the shower yesterday and it was a success. we had some nice time and good laughs and hopefully many lovely moments to remember.
It was small.. the mom to be with her mom and sister and sister in law and step mom and aunt (my mom) and me. with all four kids running around feeling more excited than ever mashallah.
First we had some kids fun with some small balls for them to catch, just let me tell you, there's no sound better than a laughter of a child.
We then started by handing some mixed nuts for the guests to entertain themselves while playing..

Then started with some games and fun, we played many games with prizes, memory games, put the diaper on the baby blindfolded, drinking contest from a baby bottle ( water for it to be easy but it wasn't that easy on some!) .. And many other games. It was fun.
Then of course the part favors.. I turned these..

into these, the bags filled with Hershey kisses and the cages have tiny heart candles in the colors of the party pink and blue..

After that we had some crafts fun decorating some white onesies for the new baby.. Each one of us painted hers with colored markers and it was very nice seeing what every one made.. We left it to dry by handing them with baby hangers I got for the mom to be..

And the cake, hmmm... It didn't turn out the way I was hoping for because I couldn't find the colors I needed in chocolate sprinkles, so I had to use some food coloring with marzipan and I had a little too much color than needed. Well it's not that bad but I was hoping for better..

and here's a look at the whole setting of the table while the kids are being tested not to touch anything (or at least not to take it out of the table.. or please return it back when you are finished looking.. no no don't eat that!! .. well you get the picture )

This weekend in general was great.. on Thursday my dad came on a short visit from Riyadh, and we had a lot of fun, the last time we saw him was maybe 5 or 6 months ago and we really missed him. My daughter loves him and enjoys playing with him and he is great with her mashallah, and even my husband said how much he missed seeing him and enjoyed talking with him. Well I was a bit jealous because they talked much more together since they have much in common. ( major thing is being guys ) anyway I'm looking forward to the next time we see him, maybe we can go and visit the next time inshallah.


Redrose said...

Thanks for the shower it was so much fun,I hope I can do the same for you ,when you do it!!
I really appreciated it, you didn't forget the smalllest detail,you are the best party organiser I know mashallah,let's make another party!!
Later in the day I will update my blog with my pics...

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