Friday, May 18, 2007


well hello there, miss me? I missed you too, so this is my 100th post and I'm typing it right after I came home back from a sudden fast trip to cyprus, it was sudden because my mom treated my girl and me to it, and everything wasn't decided and finished till the last day.

Well here I am again and I can see mashallah nice things happened to my fellow bloggers , but looks like people were shy to comment to win the bag, well I will give you one more chance before I start the draw for the bag, you can still comment on my previous post if you want to win, you know winning is nice .

Anyway I still feel tired from the trip, and i have million of things to do , luggage to unpack laundry to wash, house to clean, sleep sleep sleep and hundreds of things to share with you inshallah in the next posts, so bye for now and hopefully I'll see you soon.


moonface1211 said...

حمد لله على السلامة إن شالله تكون أنبسطت في السفرة هادي والله يعينك على الترفيع والغسيل
اشوف مصختيها تبينا نعلق على البوستات ها هههههه يالله علقت مرة تانية
وانت كمان وحشتيييني لا تطولي الغيبة

real madrid said...

الحمدلله علا السلامة.. والله وحشتينا من جد...ان شاء الله ما تكون تعبتك اللوج..ان شاء الله نشوفك قريب..