Thursday, May 10, 2007

The give away..

The next post will be my 100th post, how time runs.. I think I talk a lot to have 100 posts filled. but it's really nice to reach that number, so in celebration for that I will have a give away, every one who comments on this post will have a chance to win one of my bags.

All you have to do is leave a comment here..

I will be having a short blog break and when I will come with my 100th post I will have the name of the winner which I will choose randomly from all the comments.

So I hope I will have new people commenting and I will be seeing you in a while, till then take care.


Redrose said...

assalamu alykum
Ok,I'm the very first poster for this great give-away,wish me luck :)

moonface1211 said...

فكرة حلوة اديني بعلقلك دايماً انشالله افوز ههههههه لا عادي حتى لو مافزت روحي رياضية
تروحي وترجعي بالسلامة والله وحشتيني

Anonymous said...

never could resist a give away! fingers crossed!! (Um Adnan- three sets of twins)

real madrid said...

ما دريت ان في هدية.. توهم ماما و مون فيس قالوا لي امس !!.. ينفع اشارك دحين؟..

karamella said...

بصراحه انا ما عندي حظ في المسابقات
لكن بصراحه الشنطه تستاهل المحاوله

ياااااااارب افوز

Anonymous said...

بصراحه ما عندي حظ في المسابقات
لكن الشنطه بصراحه تستاهل المحاوله

يااااااارب افوز

moonface1211 said...

يالله اتحمست بشوف مين الفايز