Tuesday, April 24, 2007

We're baaaaack..!

Thanks to Allah we are back, there is nothing like home..! First of all how is every one doing? we are good 7amdillah, it was a somehow nice 4 days, that will never be done again! atleast not to Abha and maybe not with the kiddo and the father together! It was a bit tricky having to stay almost all four days in the same area together, but we managed 7amdillah with some good times and some not so.

Well, at least the room was bigger than I thought would be, with a lot of sofas, seats, tables and benches for her to jump over, and some room for her to run around.. which she did, a lot!
But I was thankful for the Disney channel which kept her occupied watching her favorite cartoons.
And even though we went to malls (in which she played in the amusement area) and to parks ( where she played in the swings and slides) she kept begging since the second day to go back home. As a matter of fact we all felt the same way, we had a nice time but Abha is not for people like us, who hates the outdoors..! and there is nothing special in Abha but the outdoors.

Anyway 7amdillah it was a nice experience and a good chance for us to bond together and have some quality time together. And we now appreciate more the city we live in and the house we have. 7amdillah..

The above picture is the view from the restaurant in the fifth floor.. It's the same one from our room except we were in the third floor.
And this one is from one of the mountains in Souda area.


Redrose said...

Alahmdilllah assalamah
You mean you didn't enjoy the scenery??What about the weather??How about the beautiful colorful fabric they have,the bright orange and yellow and red footah thye wear??The guys sell them on the sides of the streets up the roads to the scenic places?!

Well. at least as you say the room was spacious so the kiddo had enough leg and jump room LOL.

Anonymous said...

حمد لله على السلامة انشالله انبسطتوا
صح مافي احلى من الرجوع مرة اخرى الى المنزل بعد غياب
الله يهنيكم

real madrid said...

7mdulilla ala alsalama.. we did miss you !!.. but I still dont understand how you did not enjoy the scenery..and my kid kept asking about yours!!..