Monday, April 02, 2007

A first for me

Yesterday morning (very early for me!) we went with my aunt and cousin again to the wholesale market. This time in search for gift wrapping things and stationary. Wow what nice stuff we found , I had to say no to my girl when she asked to get everything she sees and actually I was saying no to myself too! well I just couldn't resist these cuties...

The pink rabbit with big feet was crying out for me to get him, but I had to get a dozen of them so I got some of the froggies and puppies too. They are used for the mobiles and they are missing three, one in my mobile and one for my cousin and the third one for my little girl.

And the first for me? I got this tutorial for an easy and very nice wallet that I had to try..

It looked nice at the end, but maybe their money is thinner than ours so the next time I probably need to make it wider and I have to use stiffer fabric or add interface. Because it turned out a little wobbly..

But still it was a great experience trying to do new things and using some of the huga pile of fabrics I have. I kind of like tutorials with pictures because they are easy to follow, and I found lots of them at craftster which I intend to follow inshallah, so prepare to see new things in the next few days unless I lose interest again, which I hope I won't.

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Redrose said...

Hey,cute wallet!
I loved the bunnies was hard sending them to the shop though!!