Monday, April 16, 2007

lovely baby (mashallah)

This is baby 7ala, She is the new born daughter for my friend , you might remember her by her baby shower that was my first, she is soo cute mashallah, and tiny I couldn't hold her , it's like I already forgot what it's like to hold a tiny baby in my arms.

I miss having a baby, and my daughter fell in love with her she wanted me to take her home with us!

Well we visited her after 20 days of her giving birth, and still the baby looked small.. We had a good time there, I met again two of the lovely ladies that were in the baby shower, and talked a lot about babies and birth and crafts.

Speaking of which, these are the chocolates that my friend made herself to give to visitors, aren't they just lovely mashallah?

she even cross stitched that lovely framed art..

She has talent mashallah, I wish she can become my neighbor so we can spend time together crafting.. Maybe she will be, she's looking for a new home, wish us luck ;)


wardoalwan said...

يختي على النونو الحلو ماشالله
عشان يحمسك على نونو ههههه
وحلوة الحاجات البنكية كمان يالله خلينا نسوي لفاطمة بيبي شور

Redrose said...

Nice...good idea let's make one!!