Saturday, April 07, 2007

My weekend of celebration

Well it wasn't the entire weekend, most of it. This year I asked for a night in a hotel in Bahrain instead of a gift and a cake. You see i just love hotels, I don't mind going there all the time. And I have this kind of tradition for me in every hotel room I go to..
First it's room service..

I just have to have room service even if it wasn't a delicious food. I mostly order sandwiches. I just love the idea of being served in my place with nice plates and glasses without worrying about bringing the food or taking it out.

Secondly it's showering.. yeah weird I know, but I have to use the room's shower specially great if they have this big shower head and lots of hot water. I don't use the shampoo and shower gel they provide, I bring my own , but still I like taking these back with me.

So I have some strange habits.. who doesn't. This hotel was very nice, two bedrooms, a kitchinette and a living room and a nice view from the windows. And very near to the major malls in Bahrain we went there walking most of the times.

Add some movies and lunch at my favorite burger diner Johny rocket plus a visit to the best scrap book store and you have the ingredient for a very good weekend.But the best thing was having all my loved ones with me.. 7amdillah I had a very good time I almost forgot I was getting a year older! but hopefully with this year I will get wiser and better in all aspects of my life..

I almost forgot.. They had the most lovely fluffy pillows I've ever seen.. I had all four of them under my head while relaxing and watching tv and it was like sleeping on a cloud.. My husband asked me " how do u know how is a cloud like?" and I answered.. " it's like these pillows only colder..!" I love fluffy pillows I almost stole all the four they had!

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Redrose said...

Hmmm....does that mean you have taken a pillow or two!!