Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I love the net..

Of course I have many reasons to do so, the net is the greatest place for anyone to look for anything, and we can find almost everything in it to learn about , or get entertained with and I really like it when I find good tutorial to try out new things and I like the outcome.

Like this little fellow..

I got the tutorial from craftster, a really great site. and the lady who posted the tutorial was very helpful and the step by step pictures were easy to follow.

I always wanted to do a bag with the handles cut in the fabric but was afraid it could be hard, it wasn't..

Here I used a fabric I got some time ago from Ikea, and the lining in green fabric that was used once as a curtain to our old house.

I like it and I know it needs a little small things to look perfectly good for my taste. But somehow I can imagine it in all sorts of fabrics and color combinations..

But next I want to try another new thing..

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