Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Tomorrow is..

Our sixth wedding anniversary ..Yes we've been married six years mashallah, and it's been an adventure.. We had our ups and downs like every body have, but though it all we remained best friends to each other.. and 7amdillah this is the best I can ask for.

We also had many great moments, talking , laughing and even crying.. Life would be boring with only rosy moments , right? we need other colors too.

We shared the best moment of having our lovely girl, we were frightenend together of the huge resposibility and demand that came with having her, we had to grow up ( we r still struggling to do so) we had to become parents instead of spoiled kids. We may sound complaining all the time but we know what a blessing we have mashallah..

So to my best friend, my man , my one and only love.. To us .. happy six lovely year sweety..
May the next years be filled with happiness , understanding and travels! ( well I won't mind another baby also..)

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Anonymous said...

ترا خلاص بتنفقع مرارتي من البق حقي جنني مو راضي يفتح سوالي زي داك اليوم شكلي بسوي واحد تاني بس يا خسارة تعبي وشقاي قلبت فلم هندي
المهم يا ستي تكملوا العمر كله مع بعض وتعيشوا مبسوطين مع بعض ويوفقكم ربي وتخلفوا صبيان وبنات