Sunday, April 08, 2007

Tatty teddy..

I just love tatty teddy.. and I can't resist the need to get me one or two every time I see a shop selling it. My love started in London long time ago when I kept seeing it in every card shop there. I fell in love with the grey fellow, and it kept growing on me.

So the collection I have is small, I love it but i just don't get much because after all it will be a waste of money to do so, right?

I got two from my friend, one from my mom , one from my husband, one from my cousin when I had my daughter, and the rest I got myself..

The last purchase was this weekend in Bahrain when I entered a pharmacy looking for a medecine and I found shelves filled with my sweet bear.. some large and some small. I wished I can get all of them but hey.. I still got me a small one as a key ring and this cute one for holding pictures..

I collect tatty's cards, and all the pictures I can find online. And whenever my daughter tries to play with any of them I just refuse.. A girl has to have her toys, right?

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