Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Nice cake books

Of course I don't make cakes that often ( actually you can say I hardly ever make cakes) when I do I usually use the ready made cake mix, and ready made frosting. But once upon a time long long ago when I was in college ( I majored in Food and Nutrition ,the college people thought it was a good idea for our study to contain a lot of cooking classes! obviously I didn't think as they did ) We once had this course about cake decorating..
I would make cakes, frosting, sugar roses and flowers all night and the next day put it all in a big basket and take it with me to all classes all day long ( which involved going up some stairs and walking many miles) and then after the class is finished taking it all back in with all the stickiness involved to the car.. I think you know by now how much I hated the experience!
But aside from that I think that if I took the class on it's own without having to stay with my basket full of things in college from 8 in the morning till 4 in the afternoon, I would've liked cake decorating..
In fact I love the idea so much that I got some interesting cake decorating books which I'm waiting to try some out.
This one is a favorite of mine,

I originally got it to use it with modeling clay, but I didn't really like modeling clay that much so I didn't do any of the nice projects in there..It's filled with cartoon character's cakes great for kid's parties..Two of the best (in my opinion) ..

And this one is a recent favorite,

since all over blog land you keep seeing cupcakes that makes you really in the mood for making and decorating some, this book is really great with fantastic pictures for cupcake decorating..

Or even cookie decorating..

And at last i leave you with a cake I decorated with chocolate colored sprinkles in the picture of my kid's best bear.. It was for her second birthday party.