Sunday, June 12, 2011

I'm out of excuses..!

I think after a few years of continous posting, I am starting to find it harder to post something new.
Time is really passing so quickly sometimes I mix up dates thinking we r still on sunday when we r on tuesday ! And no this is not a sign of old age lol, even though I am a year older now, I celebrated my 36th Birthday with my family over lunch on April. How do I feel? a year older !
I somehow forgot what happened between the last time I was here and now, but the major thing was throwing a pirate themed party at my place, we are a pirate loving family, and we were somehow celebrating the soon to be out Pirates of the Carribean 4 movie, it was a hit and we had a blast..!

Some pictures:

more on the details in another post inshallah.

We also went to a very nice flower festival in Aramco with my uncle, it was much better than I ever imagined it would be, and the weather was great.. Good memories, of a marvelous time .

I also had a small trip to Cairo where I met friends and enjoyed a nice weekend, joined the gym for the thousand times, got sick then sicker then sick again 7amdillah. The kiddo had chicken pox.. No wonder I didn't post anything lol.

But good things happened all the time mashallah, had a visit from friends, went out and enjoyed ourselves, crafted and decorated and did some baking again.. Life is good 7amdilla.

And now with summer vacation starting, we have plans and projects sure to keep the kids and us moms entertained and busy.. But more on that once we start inshallah.

Till then have a good day :)

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