Sunday, March 06, 2011

Trying my hands at papercutting

I always wanted to try it, it looked very delicate and nice whenever i saw it on someone else's blog.
And for those who don't know what I am talking about, papercutting is an ancient chinese craft, using small scissors or craft knifes to cut a shape in detail, to end up with a lace-looking paper.

I went online and googled it, ended up with a few patterns , printed one out and tried it. I fell in love !
I'm usualy a very nervous, in a hurry kind of crafter, small details get me tenced, but with this craft, I had to slow down and concentrate, to me it felt like fishing.. Slowly and patiently you can get what you are aiming for, and it was soothing.

This is what I worked on ,half way there..

The end result..

Then the end of it...

I bought a laminating machine some time ago, and thought of giving it a try with my masterpiece since |i wanted to preserve it for a long time, in went the paper and never came out.. I waited.. waited...waited...
then i decided to go in, opened up the machine and pulled the paper hard till I could get it out. :(

Lesson learned: never try a machine out for the first time with a precious thing :S
Anyways they all said it looked like a hand fan, and that is after I ironed it so hard..!

So I didn't give up, I looked for more patterns , printed out a few and this time tried cutting them on a piece of cardstock, so this way I will have a more durable verision and I will use them inshallah to decorate the area over the sofa in my living room.. Stay tuned.

Right now I am painting the kiddo's room... Hopefully we will not move houses just after I am done like we usualy do  :P unless it is to be with my husband :P

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