Sunday, July 17, 2011

When I didn't know what to do

I have a problem, I get bored easily. And a lot of the times I can get bored even when I have things to do, like I can finish reading the book I enjoyed, or cross stitching the purse I loved or watch the movie I downloaded and was eager to see and still get bored.

The only reason is that I already finished a few books, watched a few movies and cross stitched lots of things before, and I needed a new activity.

We don't have cinemas, museums, theater, zoos, good weather to go out , clubs, bowling or billiards places ( for women at least) or even scrapbooking shop to hang in it.. And if you want to go out it's either to eat ( which I have to stop doing much of) or shop ( I should stop that too cuz my place is already resembling a small shop itself!)

Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining about my city, there are many things in there I still like , specially when the weather is good, it can be one of the nicest cities to live in. But I only wish there were different things to do! like seeing a musical, playing bowling and watching a movie, flying in an air balloon or visiting an old castle ( things I did before and don't mind doing again)

I was talking to mom about that, and she suggested we go visit the Aramco summer cultural activities. It was a mainly kids thing but I was really in need to do something different that I agreed to that.

When we got there , it was in the afternoon and the weather was strangely not that bad, we walked a lot in open areas and didn't find it uncomfortable. Songs for kids was playing loud and the whole are was filled with cartoons painted on every wall or fence.

There were a few areas to see, one for science, one for general kids crafts and activities with a show from sesame street characters , but we didn't catch that from the start. There was also a theater which had different plays for different days, a huge food court , a heritage village tent which was greatly decorated and a tent with an exhibition of some great national geographic pictures.

All in all it was nice for a change 7amdillah, the kiddo played a bit, we walked a lot and saw people having fun and greatly organized activities I just wish I had some of that yummy smelling food :P

So I hope we can have lots of other interesting days with new things to experience in the future.

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Nice changing good for you ;)