Saturday, July 23, 2011

I finished my big project!!

Finally , after what seemed like million days, I am done with my big project. I remember mentioning it some time ago, can't remember when though.

So I had this dream of transforming a dead place between the rooms into a work of art, it's a very small area, which in only used to get from one room to the other, so I thought I can really go wild with it.

First I wallpapered 2 thirds of the walls with pages from 3 different novels, i had to pick the pages because I didn't want to give the kiddo something steamy to read once her english is good enough :P

After that I waited forever to decide what do I want to do with the rest of the wall. I tried on some different colors, but I finally settled on using hot pink, it was called hibiscus on the paint chip and I liked it.

After two coats, came the desicion about a border. I initialy had in mind to stick some roses cut from napkins on the pages wall. but then I thought it would look nicer being used as a border , and I love the results.

Then I hung some artwork , and I still need a rug and then be done with it.

So tell me what do you think of this big project? I feel I need to paint the doors and door frames white, I don't like the brown at all, but I guess this have to wait for another time, I want to do some other nagging projects before.

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