Sunday, September 25, 2011

Baby shower day

Hi I am back with pictures from the actual baby shower , we had it at the mom-to-be's house, since my house is too small for such a crowd mashallah.

I went there with my cousin from the afternoon and started putting things together, some pictures of the decorations..

 The prizes/favors table.. looked yummy with all the pink ;)

We played a few fun games and gave some prizes..
 the "dress the baby monkeys" was the funniest game, we gave the only two girls a chance to play and it was fun to cheer and watch
 we had a go at the game while blindfolded and that what the babies looked like after wards!

Then had dinner, everyone brought something and I got the cake and cupcakes..

And the diaper cakes, but it's not meant to be eaten :P ( I did one , mom the other )

All in all it was a great day 7amdillah..

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Moka said...

It was great baby shower,it means to me a lot honey thank you for every thing,no words to describe my feeling:)