Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Finally, something crafty..!

Well it is really a shame to say it is a crafty thing, more like a kid's craft and a way to share a mini project, to be honest this is all I can manage right now, mini projects :P

I saw those on the net and liked the look of them, so we picked a paper (from a new paper pad I got from a trip to Bahrain in the weekend ) and after a few cutting and folding moves ( too few the kiddo was like "mom I wanna do a real craft! " ) this is what we got..

It doesn't even move very well :P maybe I need to go check on the how-to again ..

But at least I did something, right? ;)

I just discovered I never really posted any pictures of the last Eid, we had a marvelous time at the beach and took tons of great pictures.. I'll leave you with some..

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Anonymous said...

يوووه من زمان عن الصور دي بس حلوة انبسطوا الأولاد..
وحلوة المروحة كنا نسويها واحنا صغار بس ما تزكر الطريقة لووول