Saturday, February 27, 2010

Home sweet home..

It's been nearly two years since my divorce, a hard time for me that involved tears, fears and lot's of depending on my close and beloved family for support. I grew a lot in these two years, more than I did through the previous 33 years.

While I was still recovering ( and I think in a way I still am) I needed to be as close as possible to my mother, which I'm living with her parents to take care of them. It was a good arrangement for a while, but 4 different generations are so hard to be under one roof. I was raised with my grandparents and mother ( same group of people I am with now) and I had my own hard time and bad memories, of course beside tons of good ones, but I don't think it's very nice having the same situation again with my own kid and me in the same place my mom was in back then.

So my dear mother is helping me to move on with the rest of my life in a more settled and secure way, by having a place for me and my daughter to call our own.. Home sweet home.. and I can't be any more exited 7amdilla.

It's a small place, cozy and bright mashalla and I love it so much. it's ours so I will be decorating it inshalla with pleasure and a greatt amount of consideration. And I would like to share this journey with u here..

So from now on (until I am done with the decoration ) it will be all about my journey of creating a home..

First some pics from the house.. Still empty waiting for me to put my touches :D

Can you tell how excited my little princess is? we all are mashalla..

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منزل مبارك إن شاء الله