Saturday, June 05, 2010

New things for me :D

Playing this house game is very interesting both for me and my little princess , we keep adding more stuff here and there almost daily, some new stuff we buy and others we move from our old place.

One of my best buys till now is my new television, it's not fancy and not the size i was dreaming of ( over 50 :P )| but still I like it so much, mainly because I bought it on my own without waiting for someone to give me their opinion, not that I hate others opinions, but doing things on your own is very different than what I was used to..

So my T.V is 42 inches plasma, I chose it because the price was right for me and the size is not so big not so small, actually it's more of the biggish category, but I am being greedy lol
I had to assemble the tv table fast so I can see how would the tv look in my room, I had to do it twice since I did something wrong from the very start :S I was having a bad cold while doing so :P

The result?....

We love it mashalla, it's so nice with the whole area , the house is starting to show it's beauty, I can't ask for a better place to live in 7amdilla :D

I still have a lot to share, but my camera is in one house and the laptop is in the other lol I am still very torn in two . soon inshalla.

On a sad note, my childhood friend has traveled suddenly to Canada to join her husband, we knew she was going soon but we didn't know it would be this soon, it was sad, I will still see her online and inshalla in a month when she will be coming to attend her sister's wedding but still, out other friend went before her to london and now I am friendless in this city lol. well not that much :P
so the other day I went to have breakfast with my mom and her friends, and the kiddo played with my childhood friend's daughter, who along with her other 3 brothers and sisters stayed here till the wedding. she was a bit sad , who can blame her, but they enjoyed each other like they always do. and the place was great too mashalla.

Hope you have a wonderful day , big kiss from both of us lol

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