Sunday, June 06, 2010

Join us for lunch

Now we have a place to eat on ;)
I just assembled the dining table, it's a nice small table, with folding sides so it can fit 2 or 4 or just look like a console table with 6 small drawers.

I put it on the side and pushed the sofas all the way to the back, it made the room look very big and empty, but I still have a few things to get from my old place so we'll see if things will stay like this.

I also added this fake tree which I love so much , we bought it maybe 10 years ago in Jeddah and claimed it as mine for some time now lol I love it there near the small window and the tv .

The princess's room is shaping up too, she asked for the beaded door curtain, and had her name on her door, still a lot of things to do there but we are on our way.

My room is still almost untouched, since most of my stuff needs to be moved from my old room, but I bought a new desk, a bigger one with lot's of drawers for my scrapbooking and sewing supplies, plus a new bed which was delivered this morning, the kiddo is sleeping there now lol.

So things r going well 7amdilla. By the time school is over , so will the big work on our new place will be inshalla.

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Anonymous said...

واو ماشالله الطاولة روعه ومنجد صح الكنبة لما دفيتها على ورا سارت الصالة وسيعه