Saturday, December 29, 2007

Wintery crafts

Do you consider crocheting a craft? well if you do then I crafted something today while visiting with my aunty for lunch.. I was hoping to start something for my husband for this cold weather but what I had with me turned very hard and stiff so I did this instead..

In case you are wondering what is it, here it is in action, as usual modeled by my eager to help little girl..

I got this yarn from Bahrain and I only got one, hmm what is it called? unit? anyway so it had to be a short scarf. just a neck warmer, not for my kid even though she used it more than I did!

So it's good working with wool when it's cold, keeps you warm.

I got a new gift from my uncle, a sony cyber-shot digital camera.
A few years ago he got me a then newest model, now it is a new one and I just can't wait to use it, I love photography and This one seems to be promising, thanks dear uncle for the third camera you gave me in my life. All of them top of the lines.


moonface1211 said...

حسبت الشال اول شي صار للأبجورة ههههه تسلم يدك حلو على لوجي

ومبرووك الكاميرا يالله صوري بيها وحطي صورك في البلق

Redrose said...

It's called a skein :)
It really turned out beautiful when done!!