Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I'm still standing, yeah yeah yeah

But having a very very very tiring time, first the kiddo had a fever, and then I got a cold and now we are both a little sick and a lot tired. I have tons of things to do and can't yet do and I am just so bored I can scream so hard. 7amdillah.

So only two lovely persons commented, guess that people don't like gifts anymore, or finding me so boring with what little posts I've been writing , whatever it is, I would like to thank those who still come and visit and mostly the ones who still leave a comment.

So since I can't find an address or a way of contacting the other person who commented, the gift goes to my loyal friend and sister moon face.. Congrats, you will receive your gift the next time I see you inshallah.

And dear Ayesha, I loved the words you left me, so nice and sweet, if you happen to stop by again, leave me a way to know how can I keep in touch with you..

Have a nice day/week/month/life.. depending on the mood.


moonface1211 said...

طب اش هي الهدية؟؟
سلامات عليك انت ولوجي

نتلاقى على خير

bander said...
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