Thursday, December 27, 2007

A day filled with kids (mashallah)

It all started when two families decided to go to the corniche to meet and have the kids play together, mom , my girl and I met mom's friend, her daughter(my childhood friend) and her kids at the play ground.

It was very cold but the sun warmed us up a bit, the kids played together, even the smallest one was having the time of her life in her baby walker.

Us moms were freezing while sitting to keep an eye at them, and the grandmas were warm and comfy inside the restaurant (Kudu) . It was a fun filled afternoon .

And at night the fun time continued when our small family went to my cousin's house (moon face's house ) and met our other cousin and all the kids gathered to play...

Hmmm play, well that what I think they were doing..

The attack of the children..

So 7amdillah we do have nice times in the cold weather.

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