Friday, December 21, 2007

A time for giving..

Last night my family gathered for the Eid, and I was surprised with very pretty gifts, My cousin gave me this lovely set of accessories.. I just love this type of things..

Moon face (my cousin 's wife) gave this l gift that I never get tired of, she was with me the other day and I told her how much I loved polka dots and was thinking of getting all the fabrics in them, so she got me a bunch..

And speaking of gifts I got those some time ago from my childhood friend when she went to Dubai, she knew I loved pink so she got me the cutest pink stuff..

And what did I get them? nothing... :( it's good I have loving friends..


Redrose said...

nice gifts....poor Elmo mention of him must be the worst gift you ever got loool!?

moonface1211 said...

مبروووووك عليك الهدايا انشالله تنبسطي بيها